Tuesday, August 5, 2008

WWI and WWII records

If you would like a genealogist to pull your dad's, uncle’s, mother’s or any other ancestor’s WWI or WWII records, there is usually a fee for pre-processing, verification of records, copying, and mailing. This of course can be controversial since the records are free for veterans. However, it is free, because they are doing all the legwork, not the genealogist.

I never discourage a client from doing their own research. They usually decide it is not their “cup of tea” and would prefer to pay the expert. It is like making the decision of whether to make homemade soup for pennies on the dollar, or just pay the $2.79 for half the quantity (and quality) for Progresso? Even though a kitchen lover may have no qualm about the time it takes to prepare the homemade broth, most people prefer to spend that time in the garage with their newest project, quilting, or just watching CSI. Even professional genealogists chose to hire someone else to pull records. Why use your precious research time, or miss a client deadline traveling to St. Louis, scouring records, when you can continue your client-work knowing someone is working for you?

But, even if you opt for the genealogist to do the work, you still need to provide essential information. Remember, we don’t know your granddad! You will need to provide the following:
· Veteran's complete name used while in service
· Service number (if available)
· Social security number
· Branch of service
· Dates of service (if available)
· Date and place of birth (especially if the service number is not known).
· and a signed authorization form (for most genealogist).

If you want more information on the process, here is the link to read. It may also help you make a decision as to whether you are up to the task yourself or not:

I will be going to St. Louis August 19th-Aug 21 to pull WWI and WWII records. WWI and WWII records are in St. Louis (those that did not burn in the fire). I will mail US mail 3 day unless express shipping is needed (extra charge).

Kathleen Brandt
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