Welcome to a3Genealogy

Welcome to a3Genealogy
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Our historical and genealogical research firm, headquartered in Kansas City Mo, just minutes from NARA - KC Archives, WWI Museum, and the Midwest Genealogy Center, offers genealogical research, genealogical society conference presentations with premier keynote speaker, Kathleen Brandt; and, genealogical consultation for the professional genealogists and television (TV) and the media. Kathleen Brandt, an adoption and biological researcher and Licensed Private Investigator, specializes in forensic genealogy and adoption and biological family research.

Our 25 person research team across America and experts in Ireland, England, Scotland, Germany and Australia allows the a3Gen research team to span Europe, Asia, Africa and the Americas. Our satellite offices include Washington DC - for your National Archives projects and east coast research, Salt Lake City, St. Louis for your military research projects and more. Our DNA team using our proprietary database In-Genes is located in California. 

Contact a3Genealogy for a family, corporate or media research project, or to book an upcoming genealogical society or university event.  Kathleen@a3genealogy.com or 816-729-5995.


  1. Hello,
    My name is Sherry Ramsey, and I am researching my family history. My grandmother, Melissa May Spears (Smit) maiden Name, was in Mt. Veron Sanatorium in 1948. She gave birth to a daughter Elizabeth Spears who died at birth on 02 Nov 1948. How would I go about getting those records?'
    Thank you for your help in this matter.
    P.S, if there is a charge for this research, just let me know, I would be very happy to pay it.
    Sherry Ramsey

  2. Most often, the answer is yes there's documentation. However, most was not centralized resulting in each case being individualized as a research project. Individual facility records may be found at the county, local or state archives. Many of these facilities changed hands, so that too must be researched while seeking out documents. That can be uncovered, sometimes, through newspaper search. This is typically a 10 hour search for a3Genealogy Research. If you need our assistance, just reach out via email or call.

  3. My name is Carol Fields. My Grandmother's name was Elizabeth Harding. She always said that she was related to Warren G. Harding but not how. When I look at his photo and if he had a ladies wig on that would be my Grandmother. How do I look at Warren's or his Father's complete family tree? I find only limited info. I have done my DNA at Ancestry. What can I do using those results.
    Thank you