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WSJ, 13 June2016 Family Genealogy by Financial Networks Video (After Ads)

From Whence "It" Came
Since 2008, a3Genealogy has seen a steady increase in our “Genealogy for Your Estate Package.” Although most clients wish to include this package as part of personal estate planning or filed with family trust papers, we also have seen an increase of genealogical books detailing information on corporate founders, successful entrepreneurs and politicians. (See Genealogy and Corporations). 

Corporate investors, French and Napa Valley vintners, media and communication families, and commercial real estate successors all have the same goal:  “please provide a thorough documentation of our family history.”  They wish to have their history preserved. Some have inherited their assets, while others have built from nothing, but each want their descendants to understand the source, the drive, and often the DNA.

6 Things to Look For:
  1. DNA. Yes, as mentioned in the WSJ video, clients will want a package that includes a full DNA analysis.
  2. Destination Genealogy. Many clients wish to travel overseas for reunions, or visits of origin.  Your researcher should have the overseas connections, and preferably multilingual, willing to travel with or meet the family in destinations.  You’ve seen this on the popular TV shows like NBC, Who Do You Think You Are?
  3. Proper Citation.  This is a research project. It is imperative for descendants and heirs to have a properly sourced book.
  4. Hardcover Books.  Your family book should include embedded family photos and images of research with text.  It’s not enough to just have a family tree. Be sure your researcher is a historian and will include the social history and times of your ancestor for clarification.
  5. Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA).  If you wish to have 5 generations or 15 or more, be sure your researcher signs a NDA.  Most professional forensic genealogists will offer this as part of their services.
  6. Anonymous Research.  If you choose to be anonymous, your researcher should also be your voice. This is most important in cases of adoption, or other private family relations.  For complete privacy we suggest your researcher be a licensed private investigator. 
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