Thursday, December 28, 2017

New Speaker Titles for 2018

Happy New Year!  
Although I constantly add titles to our presentation lineup, know that I also will tailor all presentations to meet your conference needs.  When in Texas, make it Texans! 

Whether in Missouri, Kansas, Indiana, or Pennsylvania this past year, I have learned there is a thirst for DNA knowledge.  Sometimes it is just Why DNA?  Other times it's "What do I do with the results?"  Our DNA and genealogy research presentations are for the family historians and genealogists who are seeking hints about their ancestry, or are wishing to tackle a brickwall. It is also, and especially, for those who wish to connect to their biological families. This DNA series is designed to assist you with your family research needs.

You will also find below the course I use for our Professional or Inspiring Professional Genealogists.  As an entrepreneur coach, the You Are A Pioneer series has been tailored to our genealogy comrades.  Again, I have found that although we have a consulting package for the serious freelancer or small business genealogy company, sometimes a group session for discussion and sharing assist all of us to be accountable with setting goals, meeting objectives and fighting obstacles. the corporate and academia that title is part of the Brandt Motivation seminars: Setting Goals, Meeting Objectives & Fighting Obstacles.  

DNA Series

#1  DNA for Genealogists Who? What? When? Where? and Why?
This basic DNA Primer is designed for the genealogists or family historian and covers the basics of the following objectives:
  • Purpose of DNA for Genealogy
  • Understanding 3 types of DNA tests
  • Using DNA to bring down your genealogical brickwalls
  • Tips and tools to analyze your DNA results

 #2  Y-DNA and MtDNA - Making Sense of This
(Note: must be minimum of 90 minutes, or one topic for 60 minutes)
This presentation is designed to connect scientific terminology to the genealogist’s daily practices by 1) exploring vocabulary 2) answering common questions 3) following quick scenarios to discover the practicality of DNA to bring down brickwalls. 
  • Y-Haplogroups and SNPs: Why do I want this?
  • Genetic Distance: What does it mean?
  • Reading Your Report
  • Surname Projects
  • MtDNA Haplogroups: What’s the Meaning?
  • Reading MtDNA Results
  • Will Phylotree Meet Family Tree?
  • Bridging the Gap 

#3  What’s in Your DNA? Autosomal Analysis
All of the popular DNA testing companies use autosomal testing - ancestryDNA, FamilyTreeDNA, 23and Me, and MyHeritage - but what can these tests do for the family or professional genealogists?  The following topics are covered while discussing common brickwall scenarios, tools, and analysis.  This topic may be offered in a 60-90 minute lecture, or is often presented in workshop style (3 hours). Topics covered:

The Basics for Autosomal DNA Analysis
  • Autosomal DNA Limitations
  • Path to MRCA
  • SNPs and cMs
  • Chromosome Browser Tools
  • Organizing Data
  • DNA Analysis Techniques
Quantitative Analysis
  • Triangulation
  • X Chromosome
  • Chromosome Mapping
  • Phasing
Entrepreneurial - You Are A PioneerTM
Becoming a Professional Genealogist
This motivational presentation walks the new or seasoned professional genealogist through seven essential steps to help ascend an invisible staircase to realize an ideal genealogical freelance or research business. The presentation also helps to identify the marketplace and industries that turn to genealogists for research services and will guide the professional genealogists to answer two basic questions
1) “What does an ideal business or freelance opportunity look like to me?” 
2) “How do I create it?”

Research Tips, Hints and Repositories
Finding Your Revolutionary War Soldier
Finding your Revolutionary War soldier among 200,000 plus participants can be daunting. Anyone sixteen to fifty-three years old during this time living in the original thirteen colonies, may have participated in the Revolutionary War in some capacity; albeit, not all for the American cause. This presentation provides 7 key resources to ferret out your Revolutionary War Soldier.

Kansas City - The Midwest Gateway to Genealogical Resources
From New York to California, Louisiana to the Plains, the Great Lakes to the Gold Rush, Virginia to Missouri’s Little Dixie counties, or Pennsylvania to the Missouri Rhineland, our ancestors historically migrated through Kansas City (KC) using the waterways, Overland Trails, the early railroad, or military convoys resulting in a wealth of original documents and manuscripts, diaries, and journals.  This presentation uncovers “must-visit” repositories that house original records, collections and manuscripts.  Researching within a 60 mile radius from the center of KC, researchers will have the answer to What Does Kansas City have to offer the professional genealogists?

And yes, if your group visits KC, the home base of a3Genealogy, we will happily get that Party Bus for Researchers, filled with pencil sharpeners, and take you on a tour!

Will see you in 2018!
Kathleen Brandt
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Saturday, December 23, 2017

Happy Holidays! $50.00 Off Selected Genealogy Packages

Offer Expires 6 Jan 2018  
Need a Last Minute Gift Certificate? 
Every year we do it! We need a special gift for Mom, Dad, the Family and our brain goes blank. At a3Genealogy we recognize the panic in your voice, your emails and your facebook posts.  So again this year, we are offering our Holiday Special (code #80) off our 10 hour $80.00/hour packages. (A savings of $50.00.)

Special Holiday Promotion 
Code #80 extends a $50.00 discount on four of our most popular packages: 1) Basic Family Research Package  2) Consultant Package  3) Military Package 4) DNA Analysis Package. You must purchase research projects in 10 hour increments. Special Holiday Promotion Code #80 does not apply to other Packages to include Heirship Research Packages, Media Packages, Dual Citizenship Packages, or Adoption Packages. Promotion Code #80 expires 6 Jan 2018.  

Popular Packages Plus More

10 Hour Basic Family Research Package:  This family research package typically includes two surname lines. Know that our research is not just an or internet searches but may include researching for military, naturalization documents, court records, and records held at Federal, State and County repositories. USA only.

10 Hour Consultant Package:  This package is designed for the aspiring genealogist, but genealogy professionals often request it. Are you a family historian or genealogist and need help with your brickwall?  You do the research, but we will be your partner and guide you via conference calls, emails and local meetings.  We have experts across the USA and many overseas that can also coach you through local issues. We often assist in your document retrieval needs.  

10 Hour Military Package:  For your Revolutionary War soldier WWII veteran, and all those in between, we can design a research project to honor your ancestor.

10 Hour DNA Analysis Package: Your results are in, but what does this all mean?  We can use DNA Analysis Package, to assist in solving a brick wall, planning a trip overseas, or even connecting you to your biological family. This is not a comprehensive Adoption Package, but this might be just the package you need.

  • Be sure to visit our webiste:
  • a3Genealogy Gift Certificates can be applied to any research project. Gift certificates are activated upon payment.
  • Contact us for more information, or make your holiday purchase here: Gift Certificate #80. Happy Holidays!
  • Projects for Promotion Code #80 must be scheduled by 1 April 2018. 
  • All gift certificates are activated upon payments. Clients will receive an expiration and ID code to confirm activation. 
  • For phone purchase, contact Kathleen Brandt at 816-729-5995. 
Kathleen Brandt
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