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Can You List Your Area Memorials?

Black veterans who have served in the US military since the Revolutionary War
Pavers may be purchased for engraved names
 12th Street & The Paseo, Kansas City, Missouri,

Kansas City Area War Memorials

a3Genealogy challenges each of you to share a list of your favorite local War Memorials. We all can name the national memorials - even the WWI Liberty Memorial in Kansas City - but all across America, in large cities, suburbs, and rural towns, the watchful eye can spot war memorials honoring our veteran ancestors. Some are dedicated to a specific war, or troop, others provide a running list of town veterans or those who lost their lives serving our country. These not-so known memorials most often display veteran’s names, but some are structures of “salute” inviting the community to learn more of local troops. This year we have added to our favorites.

1. The  American Veterans Traveling Tribute (AVTT) Vietnam Wall returns to the Southeast Lawn of the WWI Museum and Memorial in Kansas City, MO.  This is the last day to make a rubbing of the name your veteran on wall. Last day for the exhibit, today, May 30. Tickets required.

2. World War II Bomber Builders monument in Kansas City, Kansas at the Wyandotte County Museum. It honors the 6608 employees who built the B-25 bombers in the Fairfax district.  This plant employed 50K people to include women. 

 3.  Korean-Vietnam War Memorial in Kansas City, KS (Wyandotte County Lake, 91st and Leavenworth Rd). Visit for additional memorial photos.  Dedicated 1988.

4.   Korean War Veterans Memorial, located in Overland Park, Ks. on 119th/Lowell St, honors 412  fallen and missing soldiers of the Korean War. Dedicated 2006.

5.   Rosedale WWI Memorial Arch. Although we no longer think of Rosedale, KS as a small town, in the 1920’s it truly was the home of a small community on the outskirts of Kansas City. This Arc de Triomphe style memorial sits high on a hill over the Rosedale neighborhood to remind us of the veterans of the 42nd Rainbow Division of WWI. Later names of Vietnam and Korean veterans from Rosedale were added.  It is on memorials like these that we may find our veteran ancestor’s names. Dedicated in 1924.
Rosedale WWI Memorial Arch

6.  The Buffalo Soldier Monument in Ft. Leavenworth celebrates the 9th and 10th all black Calvary Regiments best noted for the Indian Wars. Dedicated in 1992.

7.  Spanish-American War Memorial, The Hiker, in Kansas City at Penn Valley Park. As mentioned earlier some of the memorials are monuments/structures that invite the community to remember ancestral involvement in a war. Names of veterans who served in the Spain-American War, the Philippine Insurrection and China Relief expedition of 1898-1902 are not provided on this memorial. (1947).

Happy Memorial Day.

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Military Ribbons and Medals


Obtaining Veterans' Ribbons, Medals, Certificates
 Did your veteran serve overseas?  Did they participate in a campaign in WWI or WWII?  Were they Korean War or Vietnam veterans. Your veteran may have served in the Cold War or one of the early wars.

Replacement Awards and Decorations

Often we hear of their heroic actions, or details of their battles. Yet, the earned awards have been lost or misplaced over time.  But, did you know veterans, next of kin, and even the general public can receive replacement military awards or decorations? This can include certificates of service, copies of your veteran’s discharge papers, medals and ribbons. Veterans may even obtain a Cold War Recognition Certificate.

What Is Needed

  • Discharge Papers specifying eligible awards, ribbons, medals
  • Proof of Relationship: Birth Certificate (next of kin), Driver’s License (veteran)
  • Death Certificate, obituary of Veteran (if next of kin)
4 Tips / Hints
  1. Obtain the veteran’s military service record online, by mail, or by fax.  Submit Request.
  2. If your veteran’s separation documents were lost in the 1973 St. Louis Fire (read about it here), there are alternatives to locating discharge papers which will list awards and decorations.
  3. Visit the National Archives Military Awards and Decorations page, for complete procedure and costs information for replacement medals and ribbons.
  4. Cold War Recognition Certificate may be available to members of the armed forces and qualified federal government civilian personnel between 2 Sept 1945 to 27 Dec 1991.
More Information
Expect up to 6 months response time to receive your awards/decorations once all paperwork has been submitted.

Originally posted 2016
Kathleen Brandt
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