Experience / Qualifications

Kathleen Strader Brandt
Genealogist, Licensed Private Investigator,
Writer, Presenter, Podcast Host
P.O. Box 414640
Kansas City, MO. 64141
(816) 729-5995; (816) 817-2146 fax
You can see Kathleen's work on TLC and NBC: Who Do You Think You Are? with Tim McGraw (appears on episode), Reba McEntire, Ashley Judd, and Chris O'Donnell; on PBS: Finding Your Roots; CCTV Biz Asia; and, in AARP and Jet Magazine. She's a celebrated Keynote Speaker: Ask about the You Are A Pioneer series as presented at Stephens College, Columbia, MO, and is referenced in Genealogy Online for Dummies, 7th Edition.  Engaged in forensic genealogy, she is a licensed Private Investigator (MO).  She recently compiled and authored Colored Marriages of Saline County, MO.
With twenty years of experience in historical and genealogical research, I have experience in documentation retrieval and research, National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) document analysis, as well as family and lineage research. I specialize in military, immigration/naturalization records, Native American and African American ancestry, and corporate histories. Research projects have included NBC and TLC Who Do You Think You Are? for celebrities Tim McGraw, Reba McEntire, Ashley Judd, Chris O'Donnell. and PBS, Finding Our Roots, Linda Chavez. Historical corporate research clients spans from Eberhard Faber Pencil Co. to Caymus Vineyards, Napa Valley. Former board member of Association of Genealogist (APG), 2017-2018.

After twenty years of international corporate management, project management, and five years of teaching college Spanish, French and English writing courses, I currently do historical research and consultation full time. Corporate speaking, public and private group presentations and freelance writing assignments opportunities are welcomed.

As a multilingual speaker, I translate Spanish, French, and Italian records. I also have extensive research experience in Irish, German, and Swedish and Eastern European records. 

Keynote Speaker for Conferences
Midwest Genealogy Center & Mid-West Afro-American Genealogical Interest Coalition (M.A.G.I.C)
"Underutilized Records in Black Genealogy," Feb 2023
"DNA: Our Love - Hate Relationship," Identity Quest 2022; Topeka, KS, Nov 2022
"Military Records Are A Treasure Trove," Annual Lock-In, Midwest Genealogy Center, MO, Nov 2022
Northland Genealogy: "Ethics for Genealogy, Social Media and DNA," Kansas City, Feb 2022
Northland Genealogy,  "Why DNA?  Determine Kinship, NPE - NonPaternal Event, Adoption," Kansas City, May 2021
Mary Wade Strother DAR Chapter, Salina, KS, contracted Keynote Speaker, Nov 2019
           "DNA Kits - Spit & Swab for Lineage Proof"
           "Leaping Over Brickwalls:Your Revolutionary War Soldier"
Midwest Genealogy Center Lock-In: "Using DNA for Your Brickwalls," Keynote Speaker, Independence, MO., Nov 2019.
Johnson County Genealogy Society, Johnson County, KS, contracted Keynote Speaker, Oct 2019:
           "Leaping Over Brickwalls: Research Tips to Fast Forward"
           "10 Best Bets to Civil War Research"
           "Saving Alice: Sharing Your Ancestor"
           "War of 1812 Records: 10 Resources to Research"                   
Kansas City Irish Fest, contracted Keynote Speaker, Kansas City, MO, Aug 2019:
           International: "Emigration - Immigration: When They Came to America Where Did They Go?"
           Research Methodology: "The Changing Surname - How to Trace It?
           DNA: "DNA for Genealogists: Who? What? When ? Where?" (Intermediate)
          Missouri Irish: "Tips to Tracing Your MO. Irish Ancestor" (From Immigration to Emigration).
"DNA for Genealogists” Daniel Boone Regional Library, Keynote Speaker, May 2019.
"Invisible Staircase for Genealogists," Association of Professional Genealogists (APG), Professional Management Conference (PMC), contracted luncheon presentation, Oct 2018.
Lincoln-Lancaster County Genealogical Society, contracted Keynote Speaker, Lincoln, NE.,
Aug 2018:
“Finding Your Revolutionary War Soldier”
"10 Best Bets for Civil War Research"
"Oral and Family History: Sharing Our Ancestors"
The Changing Surname - How to Trace It"
"What's in Your DNA", Kansas: Topeka & Shawnee County Public Library and the Topeka Genealogical Society, Topeka, KS, contracted Keynote Speaker, Nov 2017.
"Sacrificing and Shaping the Future" Indiana State Library - Genealogy and Local History Fair, 
Early Military Research, Indianapolis, IN, Oct. 2017.

"Successful Historical Research Tips,” Missouri State Genealogical Association, contracted keynote speaker. Columbia, MO., Aug. 2017.
 “Historical Research Tools" and "DNA,” Mid-Continent Public Library, contracted guest speaker. Independence, MO., Oct. 2016. 
  Midwest Afro-American Genealogical Interest Coalition, contracted Keynote Speaker. Independence, MO.,
Feb. 2016.
“Researching Southern Claims Commission”
“Conducting Archival Grand Army of Republic Research”
Kansas Council of Genealogical Societies, Keynote Speaker. Wichita, KS., Jun. 2015.
“Research Tips to Fast Forward: Leaping Over Brick-walls”
“Researching Military Records: Military Records Destroyed”
“Oral and Family History: Sharing Our Ancestors”
Iowa Genealogical Society, keynote speaker. Des Moines, IA., Oct. 2014
“Research Tips - Leaping Over Brick-walls”
“Finding Your Elusive Civil War”
“Conducting Military Research”  
“Researching the Road to Freedom: Record Sets”
“Sharing Our Ancestors”
“Tech Toys for Genealogists: It’s All Portable”
Stephens College, Columbia, MO. MLK Day keynote speaker. Columbia, MO., Feb. 2014 
“You Are A Pioneer”
“The Invisible Staircase”

Guest Speaker / Presentations
"Win-Win Mentoring," Association of Professional Genenealogy (APG), Mar 2023
Midwest Genealogy Center 
    "Finding African American Veteran: Revolutionary War to WWII, Feb 2023, RedBridge Branch
    "Finding African American Veteran: Revolutionary War to WWII, Feb 2023, Riverside Branch "Using DNA for Your Brick Walls," Mid-Continent Public Library, KC, Jan 2023"
National Archives Recorded Your Ancestors: 8 Tips to using the NARA Collections, " Three Series, Mid Continent Public Library, KCMO, contracted speaker Oct-Nov 2022
"Ethics For Genealogists: What Clients Want to Know," APG, PMC Conference, Sep 2022.
"Using DNA for Your Brick Walls," Midwest Genealogy Center, KC, Jul 2022.
"Spit or Swab: Should You Use DNA for Family Research?" Midwest Genealogy Center, KC, Jun 2022.
"Researching For Free At Home," Continent Public Library, KCMO, 6 series March 2022 - May 2022 .
"Uniquely Missouri - African American Research," Salt Lake Institute of Genealogy (SLIG), Zoom Presentation, Jan 2021.
"DNA for Genealogists,"  Mid Continent Public Library, KCMO, Zoom Presentation, Jan 2021.
"Researching Your History - Finding Records of Military Service of African Americans," Five Series:
       Mid Continent Public Library, KCMO, Leavenworth, KS Public Library; Daniel Boone Regional
Columbia MO., Feb 2020.
"Destroyed Records: Fire, Water and Thieves," Three Series, Mid Continent Public Library, KCMO,
      contracted speaker, Sep 2019, Oct 2019.
"Midwest Gateway to Genealogical Resources," Two Series, Mid Continent Public Library,
        Mar 2019,  Apr 2019.
"Where Are The Slave Records?" Leavenworth Public Library, Feb 2019.
" PI and DNA for Forensic Genealogists," Shawnee Mission High School east, Overland Park, KS,
       Sep 2018, Jan 2019.
" Genetic and Medical Genealogy, Four Series, Mid Continent Public Library, KCMO, contracted speaker, Aug 2018, Nov 2018, Jan 2019.
" Within A 60 Mile Radius, KC - The Midwest Gateway to Genealogical Resources, Association of Professional Genealogists (APG), webinar, Jun 2018.
"Spit or Swab: Should You Use DNA for Family, Four Series, Mid Continent Public Library, KCMO, contracted speaker, Feb, 2018; Mar 2018; Apr 4 & 26, 2018.
  “Entrepreneur - Career Transitions" 2017 Series,  Community College of Baltimore County, May 2017, Dec 2017.
 "10 Best Bets for Civil War Research,” Daniel Boone Regional Library, contracted speaker,  Columbia MO., Aug. 2016.
   “7 Tips to Researching Slaves and Slaveholders,” National Genealogical Society, sponsored presenter (MoSGA), St. Charles, MO., May 2015.
“Historical Research Tips: Leaping Over Brickwalls,” Kansas City Roots Tech. contracted presenter, Kansas City, MO., Mar. 2014.
   “From History to Present: DNA Research,” Spring Seminar, Midwest Genealogy Center, contracted presenter. Independence, MO., Mar. 2014.
  International Black Genealogy Summit, contracted presenter. Salt Lake City, UT., Jan. 2012.
“Research Tips to Fast Forward”
“Steps to Reconstructing Missing Files” - Military Records
  “Historical Research Tips,” National Archives - KC Symposium, contracted speaker. Kansas City, MO.,
 Oct. 2012.

Online Interviews
"4 Places for Missouri Research: Tips from Pro Genealogist Kathleen Brandt", Professional            Genealogists Services, Jul 2017.
"How a Professional Genealogist Approaches BrickWall Problems", Professional Genealogists Services, Mar 2017.
Kathleen Brandt - Military Research, Host: The Genealogy Professional Podcast with Marian Pierre Louis, May 2015.
“Researching Your Ancestors Easier with New Technology Kansas City Star; 22 Nov. 2010.
Note: republished by AARP online magazine, 2010.
“May I Introduce You to Kathleen Brandt,” Geneabloggers, Jun. 2010.
“Interview with Kathleen Brandt,” Make-Family-Tree.com, 2008.

Media Appearances and Expert Interviews
 "Genealogy Stories" KCUR, 89.3, NPR, Kansas City, Nov 2019.
"I Should Have Known," TLC, Nov 2018.
“Dead Files,” Travel Channel TV, Historian / Investigator, airing 2017.
“Hidden Roots.” Central Standard, KCUR- Kansas City Public Radio, 23 Feb. 2016.
“Library system, marking 50th anniversary, stresses literacy, technology,” The Examiner, Independence, MO., Oct. 2015.
“Civil War Ancestors,” Family Tree Magazine, online, 22 May 2015.
“Tracing Your Roots,” Twelve Magazine, print, 6 Feb. 2015.
“Planting Seeds,” Jet Magazine, print, 17 Feb. 2014.
“DNA: Genetics and Genealogy” CCTV Biz Asia, TV, Jan. 2014.
Tim McGraw, Episode” Who Do You Think You Are? TLC, Season 2, Genealogist, TV,
Jan. 2011.
“Interest in Genealogy Rising, Technology Driving Changes,” Central Standard, KCUR - Kansas City Public Radio, 5 Aug. 2013.
“How the States Got Their Shape,” History Channel, TV, Oct. 2013.
“Federation of Genealogical Societies Conference,” National Public Radio, Springfield, IL.,
Sep. 2011.
“Black History and Roots,” KCPT Radio, Kansas, City, MO., 10 Dec. 2010.

Media Research Contracts
 "I Should Have Known," TLC, Nov 2018.
“Finding Your Roots,” PBS, TV, Historical / Genealogy Researcher, 2016.
 “Who Do You Think You Are?” NBC, TV, Historical / Genealogical Researcher, Seasons 2 - 6, (Episodes: Tim McGraw, Reba McEntire, Ashley Judd, Cynthia Nixon,
Chris O’Donnell, Ginnifer Goodwin), 2011-2015.
“Finding Your Roots,” PBS, TV, Historical / Genealogy Researcher, 2012.

Published Articles/Books
Brandt, Kathleen. Opening the Door to Genealogy of the Nelson - Clemens Family, a3Gen Publishing, 2017. Print
Brandt, Kathleen Strader. Colored People Marriage Records, 1865-1970. Independence: Two Trails, 2014. Print.
Brandt, Kathleen R. "Researching Your 1812 Impressed Seaman." Genealogy Archives.
12 Jul. 2012. Web.
Brandt, Kathleen R. "Researching War of 1812 Veterans." Genealogy Archive. 12 Jun. 2012. Web.
Brandt, Kathleen R. "Genealogy Research vs. Privacy Restrictions." Genealogy Archives.
31 Jan. 2012. Web.
Brandt, Kathleen R "Your Ancestor's Military Records Were Destroyed? What to Do?" Genealogy Archive. 4 Aug. 2011. Web.
Brandt, Kathleen R. "Coat of Arms & Family Research." Genealogy Archives. 1 Jul. 2011. Web.
Brandt, Kathleen R. "Researching Your Civil War Ancestry." AARP, 11 Apr. 2011. Print.
Brandt, Kathleen R. "The Importance of Libraries." Genealogy Archives. 11 Apr. 2011. Web.
Brandt, Kathleen R. "Accessing Family Treasures in the National Archives." Genealogy Archives. 13 Jan. 2011. Web.
Brandt, Kathleen R. "Taking a Genealogy Trip?" Genealogy Archives. 7 Jan. 2010. Web. 
Brandt, Kathleen R. "Finding Your Revolutionary War Soldier." Genealogy Archives.
13 Nov. 2009. Web.
Brandt, Kathleen Strader. Language and Culture - Doing Business with USA Latinos and Latin America.  Kauffman Entrepreneurial Foundation Grant, Kansas City, MO., Dec. 2004. Print
Brandt, Kathleen Strader. Language Awareness - A Great Place to Start. Kauffman Entrepreneurial Foundation May 2001. Print.

Professional Membership/Affiliations
American Historical Society of Germans from Russia (AHSGR.org)- 2020
Association of Professional Genealogy (APG), Member (present); Former Board Member (2017-2018)
APG Heartland Chapter, Kansas City - Treasurer, 2014-present
Jewish Genealogy Society - Greater Kansas City (JGSGKC) Founding Board Member
Midwest Genealogy Center, Independence, MO., Volunteer 2009 -present
Lancaster Historical Society, VA, 2018
Association of American University Women (AAUW)
National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) Researcher/Volunteer
Society of Military History
New England Historical Genealogy Society
Missouri State Genealogical Association
National Genealogical Society
National Endowment of Humanities, Kansas City, MO., 2004
Missouri Consortium for Global Education, Title III Grant, 2003-2004

Published Family / Corporate Books
Brandt, Kathleen.  The Henri Nichols, Bader, and Waltrous Families, of Berlin, Connecticut, Dec 2019
Brandt, Kathleen.  The Longhofer Family, Dec 2017. Print.
Brandt, Kathleen.  The Wagner Family from 1769 - Rutherford N.C. to Caymus Vineyards
(Part 2).
Kansas City: a3Genealogy, Feb. 2016. Print.
Brandt, Kathleen.  Nelson/Clemens/Floy Families - America to Germany/Denmark, Part 2. Kansas City: a3Genealogy, Dec. 2015. Print.
Brandt, Kathleen.  Opening the Door to the Dible Family America to Germany, Kansas City: a3Genealogy, Mar. 2015. Print.
Brandt, Kathleen.  Opening the Door to the Nelson/Clemens Family - America to Germany/Denmark, Part 1, Kansas City: a3Genealogy, Dec. 2014. Print.
Brandt, Kathleen.  Opening the Door to the Genealogy of  The Woodward Family, Kansas City: a3Genealogy, Jun. 2013. Print.
Brandt, Kathleen.  Ancestors of [...] Stewart family of Jamaica, and Pettyman Family of Maryland. Kansas City: a3Genealogy, Apr. 2011. Print.
Brandt, Kathleen.  The [...] Myers Family; Movements and Migratory paths of an Ex-Slave Family. Kansas City: a3Genealogy, Mar. 2011. Print.
Brandt, Kathleen.  Opening the Door to the Genealogy of [...]Née Nichols Kansas City: a3Genealogy,  Dec. 2010. Print.
Brandt, Kathleen.  The Tinberg Tales. Kansas City: a3Genealogy, Dec. 2009. Print.
Brandt, Kathleen.  The Wiley J. Morris Family - The Story from 1807. Kansas City: a3Genealogy, Jun. 2005. Print.
Brandt, Kathleen.  The Stice Family Caymus Vineyards from 1769 - Rutherford N.C. to Napa  Valley. Kansas City: a3Genealogy, Oct. 2008. Print.

Academic Education
·         Masters of Arts, Humanities: Romance Linguistics: Languages, and Literature; University of   Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI., 1984
·         Bachelors of Arts, Business Administration; Stephens College, Columbia MO., 1981
·         Bachelors of Arts, Foreign Languages, Spanish, French, Italian; Stephens College, Columbia   MO., 1981

International Work Assignments
Travel, over 80 countries to include homebases:
Jamaica, 2018, a3Genealogy
Cuernavaca Mexico, 2005, Metropolitan Community College, Penn Valley, KCMO
Italy, Milano 1996-1997, Alcatel Corporation
Israel, Tel-Aviv 1994-1996, Sprint International, Alcatel Corporation
France, Paris 1990 – 1994, Sprint International, Alcatel Corporation
Germany, Karlsruhe 1987- 1990, Electronic Data System (EDS)
Italy, Rome 1986 –1987, Electronic Data System (EDS)
Spain, Madrid, 1982-1986, Electronic Data System (EDS) 

Foreign Language Competency
(Masters Degree in Romance Linguistics) 
Read/Write/Speak: Spanish, French, Italian
Read/Write: Portuguese
Read: German 

Additional Foreign Language Education
LaCauserie, French Immersion, 2017-2018
Cuernavaca Instituto (For Professors); Cuernavaca, Mexico, Summer 2005
Cactus Language, Immersion French (For Professors); Montpellier, France, Summer 2002
Command Spanish® Certification; Petal, MS., October 2001
Summer Immersion Master"s Program, Spanish Middlebury College, Middlebury, VT., 1984
French Linguistics,  Master"s Program, Middlebury College, Middlebury, VT., 1984
Summer Immersion, Spanish, University of Georgetown, Washington, D.C., 1982
Universidad de IberoAmericana, Mexico City, Mexico, 1980
(History and Language)
Universidad de Valencia, Spain, 1978 (History, Language)