Tuesday, May 7, 2024

The Genealogy NewsLetter: May 2024

Did You Know?

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Looking for the best DNA Kit Deals
Look no further than linktr.ee/hittinthebricksWe post the best prices. Check here often.
If you use the this link to purchase, proceed from each kit are donated to TracingAncestors.org - a not for profit, 501c3 Charity Organization for underserved communities. TracingAncestors.org is 100% volunteer based. However, your donations pay for infrastrure (domain, website, etc) and educational materials expenses.

Have You Done This Yet? 1 DNA kit, 3 company results!
Perhaps you didn't know that if you have paid for one DNA kit from ancestryDNA, MyHeritageDNA, 23andMe, FamilyFinder of FamilyTreeDNA or LivingDNA you can share those results for free on other DNA testing sites. So you pay for one, but can get up to 3 free sets of results, 3 re-analysis of ethnicity regions/data, 3 sets of new cousins to analyze.

It's easy.
>Set up a free account on the new site
>Download the DNA Raw Data (DNA Data) from your paid kit to your computer. Don't open it, just download.
Need help finding RawData?ancestryDNA
FamilyFinder, of FamilyTreeDNA

Upload your DNA Raw Data (DNA Data) from your paid kit to other sites following one of the instructions below. Why not? It's Easy and free.

Upload to LivingDNA (strong in European connections)

Note: You cannot upload to ancestry.com or 23andme, but you can use their Raw data to upload to myHeritage, FamilyTreeDNA and LivingDNA. As I mentioned, until we learn about the future of 23andMe, a3Genealogy is no longer recommending that OTC (Over the Counter) DNA testing kit. If you have already tested there, you do not want to lose your 23andMe data, so download your Raw Data to your desktop or a safe space.

A Few Featured Slave Descendant Podcast Titles
Thanks to the Kansas Afro-American Genealogical Society, we are featuring the following podcasts. The following were mentioned in the KAAHGS session of 7 May 2024. Just go to the linktr.ee/hittinthebricks site to access these titles:
> Genealogy in Black and White
> Identifying Native Americans: The Mysteries of the Tyeskey Lineage
> Ships & Plantations - Kansas Ancestor McKinney

Yes, We Have a HTB YouTube Channel

Since we are primarily a podcast, most of our Hittin' the Bricks youtube uploads are just a convenient way to listen to the podcast. Not all of the episodes have been loaded, but that should be completed by May 2024. Know that there are a few YouTube gems where you will have video of John interviewing Kathleen.

10Million Names - Be A Part Of the Project
There are at least 44 million descendants of enslaved individuals living today, but slavery separated families, erased names, and obscured facts. The 10 Million Names Project, launched by American Ancestors and its partners in 2023, aims to connect the family stories of these descendants to the 10 million men, women, and children of African descent who were enslaved in the U.S. prior to emancipation and to restore their names to history.

Because we believe in education and community work the a3Genealogy blog, Hittin' the Bricks with Kathleen are now partners under the TracingAncestors 501c, not-for-profit organization. I know you'll believe in our goals too. This 501c3 organization is dedicated to serving women, schools & underserved communities. We are a 100% volunteer organization, but we do need assistance with costs: domain, website, software, educational events, etc. I hope you will share this donation opportunity.  Every dollar helps.

Kathleen Brandt & The Board of Tracing Ancestors