Forensic Genealogy and Investigative Research Services

a3Genealogy has added Forensic Genealogy Services to our extensive offering of genealogical services. Our premier services of family, military, and naturalization and immigration research, as well as our Speaker Series, will  now include investigative and forensic genealogy services (often referenced as Reverse Genealogy Research).

What is Forensic Genealogy?
Are you looking for your WWII father and his American family? We can help. This is just one example of looking for living relatives ("reverse genealogy"). As a licensed Private Investigator, we are able to expand our research and resources.

Forensic genealogy includes identifying and locating unknown or missing heirs and owners of unclaimed property. We evaluate kinship evidence and are experts at researching direct and indirect family lines. We are often called upon to verify relationships for DNA testing.
Probate and Heir Research
If you are in need of expert probate research in order to disperse an unclaimed estate, wishing to locate heirs or beneficiaries, or needing assistance with your missing persons research look no further than a3Genealogy. We are an international investigative genealogist research firm, with years of experience in probate research, locating heirs, and verifying the relationships of the decedent’s heirs / beneficiaries.

As a professional investigative genealogist our research is used to determine potential heirs and locate beneficiaries. Whether you are an heir or possible heir to an estate, probate attorney conducting an heir search, or a trust officer appointed by the courts, a3Genealogy has the tools and resources to assist you.

a3Genealogy clients are billed at an hourly rate (vs. contingency basis) which often results in a substantial savings for you in the long run. We believe our clients prefer to set a budget per case.

Our Forensic Services:
  • Genealogy and Genealogical Research
  • Locate Ancestors and document
  • Ancestry (Proof of lineal descent)
  • Adoption and Guardian Research
  • Probate Research
  • Locating Heirs and Heir Searches
  • Estate Research
  • Locate Beneficiaries
  • Inheritance, Estate and Trusts Research
  • Real estate missing and unknown heirs (including quiet title actions, mineral rights, and oil & gas leases)
  • Citizenship and emigration
  • Unclaimed persons and cold cases
Kathleen Brandt
Professional Genealogist and Consultant
(Licensed Private Investigator) 
Accurate, accessible answers

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