Friday, February 5, 2010

The Wall of Honor Ellis Island - Ginisology Blog

Celebrating American Immigration

Gini of Ginisology reminds us of the pride that comes in verifying our Ancestor's point of entry. Through posting a certificate on, we are all able to be reminded of the journey each of our ancestor's had to bear to reach our shores.

The certificate, posted by Gini, documents the addition of Marie Beekman Webb's entry on the Ellis Island American Immigrant Wall of Honor. This Wall of Honor is rather unique in that it represents even "those who endured forced migration from slavery" and ..."our own earliest settlers, the American Indian." You can visit the American Immigrant Wall of Honor at Ellis Island in New York Harbor or visit them on their website. With over 700,000 names, including Marie Beekman Webb’s, you may find your ancestor, or you may wish to add an ancestor’s name ($150.00). For more information:
When an ancestor's name is included, a certificate, like that of Marie Beekman Webb’s, documenting your ancestor’s entry is generated. A copy of this certificate is on or on the Wall of Honor Commemorative Gifts link.

Kathleen Brandt
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  1. Thank you Kathleen for such a wonderful acknowledgement, not only for me but for Ellis Island and all that it stands for.