Friday, April 23, 2010

Were Your Ancestors Italian?

Torre le Nocelle, Avellino, Campania, Italy


If you are doing Italian research, especially in Torre le Nocelle, you don’t want to miss The Genealogy of Torre le Nocelle, Italy blog. I was captivated by the About This Blog, where the author explains:

"The intent of this blog is to freely share genealogical information with other Torre researchers. Initially I began with only my direct ancestors. I soon realized, however, that EVERYONE was related to one degree or another and decided it would be easier to document the genealogy of the town as a whole."
It is also claimed in the About This Blog: “I have traced almost every line in Torre back to the early to mid 1600's ... some a little further.” In addition there is a link that provides a list of Torresi Surnames. Specialized blogs like Torre le Nocelle is especially needed if you are applying for Italian Dual Citizenship in need of marriage records or birth certificates, and your ancestors resided in this region.

Although the author claims not to have as much knowledge once these ancestors arrived into the United States, I was able to gleam wonderful cultural and social history of Boston just from the first post I read, by guest writer, Jeff DeSantis, entitled Circolo Operaio Torrese. This post gives us a glimpse of a group of the Torresi immigrant workers who settled in Boston.

One of the more helpful post, Helpful Italian Genealogy Research Links provides about 15 useful links when researching your Italian ancestors.

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