Friday, June 18, 2010

French Genealogy Blog

 Researching Ancestors from France?

The educational and informative French Genealogy Blog, authored by professional genealogist Anne Morddel, encourages readers to research French Heritage. As Morddel lives in France, she is able to also keep her readers up to date on any Fédération Française de Généalogie policy changes that may affect online genealogical research as she did in her post "Bad News."

Like most Professional Genealogists, I prefer going directly to the source and reading the information in the native language, so I appreciate Morddel’s close attention to providing the necessary links.[1] For those who do not consider themselves as Francophone researchers, Morddel’s English translations will be much appreciated.

About French Records
If you are searching for your French ancestry, you are in luck. I would rate the France genealogical records as being excellent after 1789 - 1910; great after mid 1600s; and fair between 1334 and mid 1600s.[2]

Where to Find More Information
A thorough“Beginner’s Guide to Researching Your French Ancestry” may be found at the About.Com:Genealogy website. This website goes into depth on “Where are the Records?” and “Where to Start?” What the reader will find most helpful is the breakdown and historical facts of each record type, i.e. births, census, etc.

Portals to France
The Library of Congress "Portals to the World" website is bookmarked on my work computer. It lists about six “go to” resources on its “Genealogy: France” page. Each of these sites are populated with links and pages that the France researcher will cherish. Cyndi’s List has a large selection of help websites for France research in English.

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[1] See author’s "Experience and Qualifications"
[2] French records are held as private records for 100 years.

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