Thursday, December 2, 2010

Genealogy Is Global!

Statistics Point International
Question: What does Russia, United States, Lebanon, and Netherlands have in common?  Answer: Visitors to a3Genealogy blogsite were tracked from these countries.

Any genealogist, or family historian blogger knows the importance of visitors to their site - especially since many visitors are silent (feel free to leave comments). Curiosity of where readers reside, which posts trigger the most interest, and the referring sites and traffic source can be satisfied through a standard statistics counter like that offered by Blogger (In Draft).[1]

As an educational blog, a3Genealogy posts answers to readers, clients, and researchers’ questions.  The theory is:“you aren’t the only one with that question.”  This was proven with the reader requested post “Researching in Mississippi?” It was quite popular according to the stats presented.
An interesting result of this week’s end-of-the year analysis of a3Genealogy Blogger stats resulted in creating a separate search label just for Native American researchers,  and closely watching Medical Genealogy/Health trends as the interest increases.  

Knowing that the readers have silently spoken through hard fast numbers, encourages a3Genealogy to analyze these stats.  A bi-annual analysis is needed to watch for trends and audience patterns. But, mostly it is proof that visitors are going to the site. This is probably as good as it gets.  Did they read the posts?  Are they repeat visitors? Have you created a successful brand?  These questions are not answered through the Blogger standard stat overview.  But paired with other tools, a blogger is able to get a fair snap shot of their niche market, and popular post topics.

The international reader is essential to a3Genealogy and it is good to know that So. Korea, Iraq, and Slovenia visitors have joined the visitors from the United Kingdom, Canada and France.[2] 

Keep the topic suggestions coming from every corner of the world!

Accurate, Accessible Answers

[1] I access the Stat information through Dashboard on Blogger.
[2] Statiscal analysis must be applied to account for spams and unintentional traffic.

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