Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Tim McGraw Episode of Who Do You Think You Are?

Kathleen Brandt's research can be seen on NBC TV series Who Do You Think You Are?.
She was a featured genealogist on the Tim McGraw episode (Season 2)
and worked on episodes for Reba McEntire and Ashley Judd.
She has also researched for PBS - Finding Your Roots
Tim McGraw Episode aired Jan 2011, NBC

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  1. This all may sound crazy but 100% true his 6th time great grandfather Isaac was also my 6 time great grandfather my mother and is father Tug McGraw are 4th cousins his great grandmother and my great grandfather was 1at cousins I watched this episode before I knew anything about my ancestry and some weird way it's like the show really met something to me well my aunt niece on her husband side is a professional genealogists and has full excess to ancestry.com so she did our family even with out it being here and that's how we found out it's crazy every time we see him or hear him we say here is cousin Tim on and funny thing is me and members of my family always had a strong connection to him like every song we love even though it nothing special from other country music songs and when he was ever in a scandals or "in" trouble punching a women for sexual harassing him and they know his married to a wonderful woman for many years and get the still try to touch him inappropriate well every one was calling him women beater or mad at him all of us in the family except the in laws was proud of him and/but if it was another
    singer did something like that I'm sure it we would not be that understanding or especially proud but it's a weird connection we have with this man but years later we find out y though it was this year of 2020 actuality we found out the cool information and we also found out that I'm related to Nixon and Taft as well lol