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Speaker Series for Genealogists

2013 Offerings for Corporations, Genealogists and Schools

Due to high demand, Kathleen Brandt and a3Genealogy will continue offering ourses, workshops and lectures for the 2013 Speaker Series.

Speaker Series for Corporations.  Kathleen Brandt incorporates 20 years of international business dedicated to "implementing new business strategies" with an inspiring presentation to discovering the Pioneer in you. As an Executive for top-tier corporations she encourages and motivates her audiences to find new roads and discovering that You Are A Pioneer!©   

You Are A Pioneer!©

  • Ruts Seen Ahead
  • In Anticipation of Open Territories: Preparing To See The Elephant
  • Building Settlements; Not Settling
  • Join the Wagon Train: Transforming Your Travels to Future Adventures
  • The Path of a Pioneer 
For more information contact Kathleen Brandt,, 816-729-5995.  
Speaker Series for Genealogists.  Kathleen Brandt, a successful Professional International Genealogist and Consultant and published freelance writer for genealogy magazines and columns, presents a speaker series to beginning and intermediate genealogists, as well as for those who wish to pursue genealogy as a career.  (May be tailored as a course, workshop or keynote speaker)

  • Leaping Over Brickwalls: 10 Tips to Fast Forward.  We don't always have years to research and develop interesting ancestral stories, so the key is to partner your sleuthing skills with effective genealogy research tips to fast forward your research.
  • Saving Alice: Have you noticed when you speak of long ago ancestors your family friends seem disinterested. This workshop offers 10 fun ways to keep your audience enthused and your ancestors alive. 
  •  How We Were Freed - From Indentured Servants to Slavery. Prior to the Civil War there were free coloreds, ex-slaves and indentured servants who secured their freedom. This workshop outlines 5 ways to freedom.
  • Military Records Were Destroyed? What To Do: Steps to Reconstructing Your Veteran's File. Between 16 to 18 million military service files, including those for WWI and WWII, were destroyed by the 1973 St. National Personnel Records Center fire.  However, this loss should not discourage researchers from uncovering an ancestor's military experience.
  • War of 1812 Records: 10 Places to Search. Although pivotal in the history of America, the War of 1812, often called the "Second War for Independence" is mostly forgotten. But understanding this "battle for borders" may guide you to your 1812 Soldier and family. Ten (10) tips to researching your War of 1812 ancestor will be presented.
  •  Civil War Series (for details of following workshops use link)CW101: 10 Best Bets to Civil War Research
    CW102: Finding the Elusive Civil War Ancestor
    CW103: African Americans Served Too
    CW104: Civil War POW Records
Speaker Series for Schools. The Ancestry and Academics©  workshops create a learning community between genealogy and history, English, computer, math, art and writing subjects. For more information visit Case of Grandview High School Grandview, MO.

Popular Offering
  • How We Were Freed - From Indentured Servants to Slavery for the Classroom. 
  • Beginning Research Database. A great place to start your genealogy! This course will give an overview of HeritageQuest online database to research your ancestor. HeritageQuest may be accessed from home, using your library card.

All workshops, courses and lecturers may be tailored for your needs.  Contact Kathleen Brandt,, 816-729-5995 for questions and scheduling.

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