Thursday, March 1, 2012

2012 Speaking Calendar

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Kathleen Brandt Speaking Calendar
    10 Saving Alice: Stephens College Alumnae: 12:00pm (Private)
    23 How We Were Free: Midwest Genealogy Center, 7:00pm

    10  War of 1812:  Midwest Genealogy Center March Annual Seminar, 1:00
    11  Civil War POW Research: Midwest Genealogy Center
          March Annual Seminar, 1:00
    15  Essential Database: Midwest Genealogy Center, 7:00pm

   11  Keynote Speaker, Jackson County Genealogical Society, 11-12 Luncheon ($$)
   21  Family Reunion Presentation, 6:00pm (Private)

    6   Military Records Were Destroyed? NARA Fall Fair: KC Regional, 2:15pm
   19  8 Generations in 60 Seconds: International Black Genealogy Summit (IBGS),
         Salt Lake City 9:15am
   19  Military Records Were Destroyed? What to Do?: IBGS, Salt Lake City, 3:15pm

To select from Speaker Series, visit 2012 Offerings for Corporations, Genealogists and Schools.

Note: Private presentations are only added to the calendar at the request of the customer. 

Kathleen Brandt

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