Monday, November 11, 2013

City Directories and Early Veterans of War

Veteran's Day Includes All Wars

Most of us know the 1919 history of Armistice Day. We may also know that 11 Nov 1938 it became a Federal Holiday to recognize and honor WWI veterans.  The recognition of American soldiers was extended to “American veterans of all wars.” 1 June 1954 thanks to President Eisenhower. So that would include the early wars.  Early war veterans were most often recognized locally way before Armistice Day, especially in small towns across America. 

Using City Directories
Local researchers may find their veteran ancestor featured in newspapers, local town histories, and even in city directories.  Families were sometimes elevated to “local celebrity status.”

In 1888 the Des Moines City Directory noted its Sons of Veterans and highlighted officers of the Iowa Prisoners of War Associations way before the 1919 Armistice Day and decades before the official 8 Oct 1954 Veterans Day Proclamation.

In Toledo
The 1892 City Directory not only lists the Sons of Veterans information but also the Union Veteran’s Union (Civil War).

Kathleen Brandt

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  1. Nice reminder Kathleen! I should revisit some of the city directories I viewed before before I knew about all the veterans in my family tree.