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Veterans, Start With eBenefits (DD214)

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Quick DD214 and VA Benefit Information
The last command you probably heard upon military discharge was “put your DD214 (or discharge papers) in a safe place.”  But things happen - multiple moves, home fires, flooded basement with all your storage. Yes, at a3Genealogy, we have heard it all! But there are times you need that one document immediately, and it’s not at your fingertip. Matter of fact, it may not even be in the same State. So how do you get an expedited copy of your DD214 or other Personnel Record? Where do you begin?

Veterans Start With eBenefits!
I’m sure you have heard of it by now, but just in case, know there’s a new Portal in town.  It’s free and fast. Veterans, you must set up your Premium Login to use the My Dashboard eBenefit tool to access some documents from your Official Military Personnel File. From here you can download a copy of your DD214.  Be sure to watch the easy to follow eBenefits Site Tour YouTube video to get started. 

Additional Information
Of course you can do other tasks too (i.e. view your benefits status, access VA Payment History and apply for VA Home Loan Certificate of Eligibility (COE) and more.

Veterans and authorized next of kin can also request the DD214 via eVetRecs. But keep in mind this does not guarantee a quick service, but is free.

Can a3Genealogy Assists?
Since no system is perfect, you may find that your DD214 or needed documents have not been digitized or are not available via eBenefits.  Whereas eBenefits is free, a3Genealogy is a fee-based service and we specialize in expediting VA requests, by hand carrying your military personnel requests through the process at the National Archives (NARA) Personnel Record Center in St. Louis, MO. 

Our St. Louis researchers are onsite daily and our Document Retrieval Service usually can provide a digital copy of your requested DD214 within 24 hours (allow for 3-4 days for Certified copies.)  We can scan or email a copy of your DD214 and will send certified copies via Priority Mail (mailing costs is included). If you are asking for your entire military service record to be copied and forwarded expect 3-5 days for completion.

What is the a3Genealogy Turnaround Times per Military Service Branch?
Army              1961-Present    1-5 days;                                 For Fire Related Records, contact us
Navy               1953-1994         1-5 days;         1995- Present 1-21 days
USAF             1965-2003         1-5 days;                                 For Fire Related Records, contact us
USMC            1953-1997         1-5 days;         1916-1952       5-7 days
USCG             1953-Present    1-5 days

Corps/Guard                             1-6 weeks, contact us                                                                                                                                                                          
Contact a3Genealogy for our Quick Process Forms. The all inclusive $100.00 fee can be made at our Client Payment Center. But remember check for the eBenefits free version first. 

Beware of Copy Cat Research Firms…but they would never tell you about eBenefits!

Kathleen Brandt

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