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Newspapers for Ancestor Naturalization Research

Kansas City Star, 10 Oct 1927

5 Tips - Checklist
We are always looking for our immigrant ancestors records. Naturalization records are the key to reaching across the pond to continue our family research. And, they hold so much genealogical information: passenger arrival dates,  homeplace, parents’ names, children if applicable, etc.

Let’s Celebrate the New Citizens
Rarely do researchers look for their ancestors’ oath-taking event in newspapers. But, the names were commonly printed across the nation to welcome the new citizens.

Checklist to Naturalization Search
Before going to the NARA, Court Records, or USCIS for your ancestors’ you will need a bit of ancestral information, to include approximate naturalization date, parent’s names, place of birth, etc.  Begin with your online search (i.e.,, but the persistent researcher will reach out to local and Federal repositories. Here is a quick checklist of collections that may hold this needed information: 
  Immigration / Passenger Ship Records - The Ellis Island Foundation database (free) is a great place to start. And, don’t forget the Castle of Gardens passenger records.
  Social Security Applications may verify parents’ names, birth places (a big key), and even a birthplace of your immigrant.
  Voters Registration Application: Know that if your ancestor was a registered voter, he was also a citizen of the USA. Voter’s registration applications may hold immigration and naturalization information embedded in the application.
  Passport Applications may hold your ancestor’s naturalization number. Of course other genealogical information including their arrival date to USA can also be found attached to these applications.
  Newspapers make five great resources. 
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