Thursday, April 30, 2015

Genealogical Book Reviews

I woke up this morning to another request for a rather popular Missouri slave marriage book, compiled a year ago. Lately, a more-than-expected number of orders and inquiries for the Colored Marriage Records of Saline County, MO, 1865 - 1875 book published by Two Trails Publishing, 2014 have crossed my desk.  But today's request did provide a hint as to why.  The book had recently been reviewed in the Missouri State Genealogical Association: MoSGA Journal, XXXV No 1, 2015, pg 41. What a pleasant surprise! I had yet to read the journal. (Reading backlog.)

How and Why to Get Your Book Reviewed
MoSGA Library Program
This particular book review was initiated by my answering a call for book donations to the State Genealogical Association. This appears to be the normal procedure. I also encourage authors to have membership in the association/society in the towns, states, and counties of research interest.  It's a way to keep a pulse on what is needed: "how can the author in you fill a void?" 

Plus the avid genealogists subscribes to many of these organizations, just for the journals and newsletters. It's a great way to get research tips, hints and history, as well as another place to uncover family surnames, and connect with fellow researchers.

Advantages to Donating a Book: 
MoSGA Book Review, Missouri Genealogical Society Association
I know when we spend hours writing and compiling we want to sell the book, the knowledge. But I should encourage writers to donate the book, ask for a review, and wait for the returns. You will be assisting a larger community. Here are a few advantages (for you and the researcher) should you chose to donate your book in return for a book review:

Complete book reviews from a reputable organization will be available for researchers and libraries.

  • Libraries rely on these organizational  book reviews to make a decision on limited purchasing funds. 
  • Donated books may be placed in the "genealogical circulating collection" of a genealogy center, like the Mid Continent Public Library. 
  • Once in circulation, these books are most often available via inter-library loan, reaching far-away researchers.
Thanks to MoSGA and Belinda Luke, Mosga Library Director for the review and white space!

To Order the Colored Marriage Records of Saline County, MO, 1865 - 1875, visit the a3genealogy site. 

Kathleen Brandt

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