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Confederate Soldier Records - Another Resource

James William Calhoun Blizzard,
Confederacy, 3rd Regiment, Missouri Infantry
Missouri and other Confederate States
Whereas the Union had the U.S. Adjutant General’s Office, the Confederate Army had the Office of the Adjutant and Inspector General.  Both offices were diligent in enumerating their soldiers and tracking their military strength. After each engagement the Confederate units submitted names of those “killed, wounded and missing, with narrative reports of the action.”  These confederate records were recovered by U.S. Adjutant General’s Office according to the Confederate Army Regulations.

State Confederate Records

Robert B. Davis, Missouri Confederacy, 3rd Infantry
In addition to the familiar Compiled Service Records of Confederate Soldiers, researchers may find additional confederate records locally that may add to ancestors’ stories. As part of Confederate accounting, documents of the Missouri Confederate States (CSA) of America Final Statements can be located at the Missouri State Archives, Jefferson City, or the Midwest Genealogy Center, Kansas City, Mo.  For transcribed information on the Civil War in Missouri, be sure to review the reference materials of Kenneth E. Weant that may be found at Gone West Publications.  All Final Statements in this post were provided by Weant. 

These records include the final pay for the 1st Cavalry Volunteers, Calvary 2nd Battalion, Jackson and St. Louis County; 3rd Battalion Cavalry, 1st Infantry; 2nd Infantry; 3rd Infantry (no index) located on microfilm roll S929.

On microfilm roll S930 Missouri researchers will find 3rd Infantry (cont’d); 4th Infantry; 5th Infantry; CSA Veteran Register, Joplin, CSA Missouri State Guard Register, 1861-1865 with index; CSA Missouri State Guard Registers and others, 1861. 

Compiled Service Records (CSR) of Confederate Soldiers
Daniel Faulkner, Missouri Final Statement
Confederacy, 3rd Infantry
Be sure to review the compiled service records of Confederate soldiers.  And for additional information on your veteran check the National Park Service Soldiers / Sailors. This database may provide hints to middle names and the film number of the Compiled Service Record

Daniel Faulkner, CSR
NPS Soldiers / Sailors Database
Note: CSR MO Index microfilm:  M380, Roll 5
Where are Confederate CSR Records?
The Confederate States Army Casualties: Lists and Narrative Reports, 1861-1865  records, part of the War Department Collection of Confederate Records, Record Group 109 are housed at National Archives I, Washington, D. C.  

Researchers will also find some records digitized on
The Compiled Service Records (CSR) are indexed and arranged by states:
Alabama: M311, index M374
Territory of Arizona: M318, index M375
Arkansas: M317, index M376
Florida: M251, index M225
Georgia: M266, index M226
Kentucky: M319, index M377
Louisiana: M320, index M378
Maryland: M321, index M379
Mississippi: M269, index M232
Missouri: M322, index M380
North Carolina: M270, index M230
South Carolina: M267, index M381
Tennessee: M268, index M231
Texas M323, index M227
Virginia: M324, index M382

Other Microfilms
  • Compiled Service Records of Confederate Soldiers who Served in Organizations Raised by the Confederate Government - M258
  • Compiled Service Records of Confederate General and Staff Officers and Non-regimental Enlisted Men - M331
The index to both M258 and M331 are on microfilm:M818. Note: Microfilm M253 is the Consolidated Index to Compiled Service Records of Confederate Soldiers.

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  1. Lee, Charles H.
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