Saturday, October 28, 2017

Indiana Genealogy & Local History Fair 2017

Thanks for attending.  
The presentations below were based on the Lecture Notes. I have included links to other writings and publications, but be sure to follow this blog (see rightside of page) to receive additional posts.  Also in the upper left you can search topics to see if there's an article that interest you in researching your veteran ancestor or other topics.

Finding Your Revolutionary War Soldier
Lecture Notes: Finding Your Revolutionary War Soldier
Visit here for HANDOUTS.

Additional Reading
1-2-3 Researching Revolutionary War Kentucky/Virginia
Analyze Lands of Virginia and Kentucky
Indentifying Revolutionary War Era Parents

Finding the Elusive Civil War Ancestor
Lecture Notes: Researching Your Civil War Ancestry (published by AARP)
Visit here for HANDOUTS:

Additional Reading
Provost Marshal Records
Confederate Tombstones
Illinois POW Camp Research (Part 1-4)
Where are Veteran Pension Files?
Another Confederate Resource

Here is the article referenced on researching mental health / insane asylum institutions.  There are hints applicable to all states: Researching Institutionalized Ancestors.

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Will see you soon! For more information:
Indiana State Library Genealogy & Local History Fair, 2017.

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