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2020 Speaker Series

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These are just a few titles offered by Kathleen Brandt as a conference Keynote Speaker or seminar Presenter. All are tailored to your conference theme or celebration. If you don't see what you want here, know I offer custom designed presentations and workshops. Know that all of the presentations are chocked full of actual images and many have real life short case studies.

I am now scheduling for 2021.  But remember, I am often called upon as a last minute substitute, because we can never plan for those unplanned "life" events

Be sure to review the Experience/Qualifications page. 

Kathleen Brandt
Keynote Speaker/Presenter

Presentation Titles for Your Conference or Workshops

Revolutionary War

War of 1812
  • War of 1812 Records: 10 Places to Research
  • Researching Your War of 1812 Impressed Seamen
  • Revolutionary War and War of 1812
  • African Americans Served Too – Finding Records

Civil War
  • 10 Best Bets for Civil War Research 
  • 7 Tips to Researching Slaves and Slaveholders
  • Finding Your Elusive Civil War Veteran
  • Claim It!  Southern Claims Commission Records and Slave Claims Commission Records
  • Researching Grand Army of the Republic (GAR) and other Association Records
  • Civil War POW Records

Modern Wars (WWI - WWII
  • Military Records Were Destroyed? What to Do?
  • 7 Easy Tips to WWI and WWII Research
  • Forgotten Records -  WWI and WWII
Midwest and Missouri Specific

Midwest German Settlers
  • Researching Germans from Russia Ancestors
  • 8 Tips to Researching Your Missouri Rhineland Ancestors
  • Pioneer Trail From Missouri to California: How to Trace Them?
  • Tracing My State Militia Records
  • Tracing Huguenots – From There to Here
 Missouri Irish
  • Tips to Tracing Your MO. Irish Ancestor - From Immigration to Emigration
 Bohemian Settlements
  • 5 Research Tips to MO. Bohemian Ancestors
African American Research
  • 7 Tips to Researching Slaves and Slaveholders (with MO. Case Study)
  • Researching the Road to Freedom (Prior to the Civil War)
  • 7 Resources to Researching Missouri Ex-Slaves and Free-Coloreds.
  • Using Ship Manifests for Slave Research
  • African Americans Served Too: Finding Revolutionary War and War of 1812 Records
  • A History of Military Service by African Americans (Learn about these Veterans and the Records)
  • “Delegation of Colored Men” 7 Resources to Researching Western-North Carolina Ex-Slaves and Free-Coloreds
 Research Methodology

  • Leaping Over Brickwalls
  • The Changing Surname - How to Trace It?
  • DNA: Spit or Swab?  (Beginner)
  • DNA for Genealogists: Who? What?, When? Where? (Intermediate)
  • From History to Present: DNA Research (Case Studies)
  • DNA All Day Workshop (all levels)
  • Using DNA for your Brickwalls (Intermediate)
  • DNA for Private Investigators (How It's Done)
  • Connecting Biological Families (As Seen On TV)
Research Tools
  • Tech Toys for Genealogists: It’s All Portable
  • Oral and Family History: Sharing Our Ancestors
  • The Cloud: Looking Forward to Backing Up
  • Technology Toolbox for Genealogists
 International: Emigration - Immigration
  • When They Came to America Where Did They Go?
  • Blackbirding: Sugar, Cotton, and Slaves! Researching South Pacific Island Laborers
  • Did Your Ancestor Become a US Citizen? Where to find Records and Documents
Local Topics and Custom Designed Presentations
Have a unique topic?  Due to our vast client base and experience, presentation just for your local group can be customized. Of course actual images of documents and relevant research tips are shared and often accompanied by a case study.

  • Your Pioneer Ancestor and You!  How Our Ancestors Did It?
  • The Invisible Staircase: How Missouri Did It!
 Entrepreneur You
  • Make Money: Your Genealogy Empire

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