Monday, March 16, 2020

Amidst Coronavirus Pandemic

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Get to Know Your Ancestors!

No Social Distancing Required to Get to Know Your Ancestors
Amidst the corona-virus pandemic, a3genealogy researchers will continue scheduling and working on client projects. 

Existing Clients 
To include retainer clients and media clients: 
Client questions and discussions may be conducted by via the internet - zoom, skype, facetime, or by phone. 

Onsite Research
We have halted all onsite and travel required research until April 20th.  At that time we will be able to give you an update or reschedule our travel schedule based on CDC recommendations and repository availability. 

New Clients
We are now booking new clients for a start date of April 1st.  

We have been receiving a lot more requests for our "Genealogy Consultation Package." This is our "do-it-yourself" package.  Keep in mind that it too is a 10 session package, that must be used within twelve months. Each session can be up to 45 minutes of phone / internet time, or it can include us reviewing your work and sending you a Next Step Research Plan.  Actually YOU decide how you wish to use the Consultation Package. (In the last two weeks you all have been pretty creative)!  But this do it yourself package will help you as a beginning family researcher, or working through a brickwall, or expanding your opportunities as a professional genealogist.  True to the mission statement for the a3Genealogy blog, the purpose of this package will help you with your ongoing research projects, and learning the steps and resources along the way. This is the only package that will allow you to jump around between projects (DNA analysis, Adoption, Grandma 1 and Great-Granpa 4).  Who knows? You may have that brickwall solved before this "slow-down" ends. 

Extended Deadlines
Know that many job deadlines will be extended as we work with repositories (courthouses, state archives, national archives, etc) that may be in a mandatory shutdown mode or under-staffed.

Please visit our a3genealogy online sites and social media for updated information. 

Kathleen Brandt

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