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Accessing Passenger List on New Netherland Institute Voyages


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Where Are the Passengers' Names?
This tool is rather comprehensive for what it has captured. Reaching the passenger lists however, is not intuitive.  So you have to be ready to explore. 

Of course, the passenger list can be accessed if you already know the ship name AND the year that it arrived.  My Vosburg family were in New Netherlands before 1660 and I have no idea on which ship. So, off to a3Genealogy digging. 

This is a quick tutorial in 6 Steps. 

Step 1: Link to the Database: Voyages of new Netherland or

Opening View

Step 2: Find the “Hidden Fields” on the second line of the table. Here it says 108 Hidden Fields.  That has to hold great information! Click on “Hidden Fields” and you will get a drop window.  Choose “Hide All”, and all the green options will lose their green highlight.

Play with Hidden Fields. Toggle Off fields if not needed.

Step 3: Choose options to view from Hidden Fields. I choose the least options as possible since I have no idea of the ship name or the crew, and all I know is the ancestor’s surname.  Therefore, I activate the fields for Departure Years and for all 7 of the Passengers Recorded.  (I can choose crew, soldiers, also, but I’m searching for occurrences of ancestral surnames; and I find it easiest if I do this is small steps. Yes!!! There are 7 options of Passengers Recorded, so I scroll and click all seven if needed. I have no idea how or why this is divided as such but I noticed only Passengers Recorded_1 through Passengers Recorded_3 are populated (not 4-7).

Note: Your view is partially blocked as you chose this options, but you can see your screen being populated in the background. Click on the populated screen (to the right anywhere and the dropdown menu will disappear.  In the end you will get this view. Note there are passengers!

See Departure Years and SOME names that can be viewed under Passengers Recorded

At the bottom of this screen (not shown here) a note informs me that the database holds 248 records with Passengers Recorded, but I only care about the records before 1660. So let’s take a look at line 129,  Voyage ID v_152in 1651.  (Alternately you can ctrl+find on the full Grid View and search for your surname, and the entire Passengers Recorded listing is searched, but what if your spelling is one letter off?)

Step 4: Expand the Passengers Recorded field. 
When you click PassengersRecorded_1, on line 129 (see below) expand the view with the small blue arrow. 

Expand to see full passenger list

Or you can just chose the Voyage (v_152) and line number I want (129). Either way, the passengers are listed.  

Passenger Names
a3Genealogy and I have no association with the Institute; just a happy user.
Happy New Netherland Ancestor searching!
Kathleen Brandt

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