Sunday, December 25, 2022

Santa Claus Did, Too, Exist...Here's Historical Proof

School mates say there's no Santa? Ugh

Doubt Not!
You aren't the first to doubt the existence of Santa Claus. So we are taking charge of telling you there was and always has been Santa Claus Deniers, Doubters and Skeptics! 

But, Santa and Mrs Claus, Minnie, of course were married in Saline County, MO and resided in Marshall County, MO. 

Santa was a minister and he did his civic duty to register in "old man draft" of WWII. 

Santa and  Mrs Claus had seven children! Wondering if each were responsible for the elves. One a day!
Sounds about right. 

1930 Marshall, Saline County, MO

When did he find the time to answer all the letters and the money to mail them? 
 KCStar, 2 Dec 1936

I will not cover the demise of Santa or Mrs. Claus.  It's Christmas Day  after all!

Merry Christmas

Kathleen Brandt
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