Friday, January 20, 2023

2023 Added / Updated Genealogy Presentations

For Your Conference
Yes, most are now finalizing their 2nd and 3rd quarter 2023 conference schedules. Here are a few new titles with or updated cases and resources. Of course, be sure to look at our 2022 Speaker Series and earlier listing also. Remember, each presentation is tailored to your conference to align with your theme, and your needs.  

We don't recycle,
unless, of course, you ask for it!. 

I also do presentations for corporations, university/colleges, and private associations. These presentations are part of our MarketingYou Are a Pioneer Series that includes integrating genealogy, DNA, forensic genealogy and health. That's why I am the expert at customizing presentations for you and your organization (or family). Our recent clients have been bankers, heirship specialists, attorneys and shhhh....our favorite Napa Valley vintner. 

If you haven't heard...

I can directly tie genealogy to 

every facet of life!

 Research Methodology

  • The Changing Surname: How to Trace It
  • The Midwest Gateway to Genealogical Resources
  • 10 Tips to Crumble Brickwalls

 Why Did They Disappear

  • The Orphan Trains
  • The Orphanages, Insane Asylums, Mother Homes, and Poor Houses

 Immigrant Research

  • Midwest Ethnic Settlements: Tracing Your Immigrant Ancestor To and Through the Midwest
  • When They Came to America, Where Did they Go? The Midwest Migrants
  • Tracing your Midwest Immigrant Ancestor: From Emigration to Immigration


  • Recreating Your Missing Military Files
  • Revolutionary War
  • War of 1812
  • Civil War Research
  • WWI and WWII
  • The Forgotten Military Treasures


  • NARA and Our Ancestors (National Archives and Records Administration)

 Fun After Lunch

  • All I Want is a Photo!
  • All Newspapers Databases are NOT the Same: Get off
Let Kathleen and the a3Genealogy Team help you shape your conference. 
Just ask for your topic.  This is not a complete list, but our 2023 "New and Updated" list. 

Be Historically Correct

Kathleen Brandt
Accurate Accessible Answers

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