Tuesday, September 19, 2023

Were Your Ancestors Buried Along the Pearl River?

The Pearl River Swamps & Floating Coffins

In Season 1, Episode 2, Ship Manifests Have Answers (Jan  2023)  we concentrated on the swamps along the Pearl River. Known for a quick jaunt from Mississippi to Louisiana, enslaved routes to freedom, slave patrols, and Confederacy Cave Dwellers escaping the war, this flooded swamp area recently made the news due to floating coffins. Read Here:

"They" were warned of this back in May 2023: 

Vicksburg News Article, updated Sep 2023

Yet, it was still shocking to see coffins from this infamous area ready to float along with the bones of enslaved runaways, the remains of confederate soldiers, oh, and as it's one of Americas most dangerous stretches of water, there are many bodies from mishaps buried, or never recovered.

Do Caskets Float?
“Anything that’s airtight and can develop buoyancy has the potential of resurfacing," Trinkley said. When water fills a grave, whether below ground or in an above-ground vault, that casket “is going to float just like a battleship. And they will float as far and as high as the floodwaters take them, he said. They're sometimes found in tree tops when the water recedes."

Want to Know More About the Pearl River Area?
Hopefully your ancestor was not in a sealed casket. If so, hopefully the funeral home identified the body inside using the "memory tube." Read"  An Explanation as to Why Those Caskets Are Floating in the Louisiana Flood

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