Friday, January 29, 2010

What is Genealogy?

Dr. Bill Tells Ancestor Stories

As a true believer that dates and surnames are not genealogy, (see dedication written below), I recommend Dr. Bill Tells Ancestor Stories, seven part Preparation Sunday, (6 already posted). Dr. Bill gives you one aspect of writing your ancestor's story each week by providing tips, examples, and resources.

“Genealogy is more than cold dates and endless hours of research. It is more than who was born, who was married and who died. It is more than who a family was, and more than what they did or where they lived. Through the study of the names, dates, migrations, census information and DNA, the cold dates become milestones in the life of someone connected to us. The births of the past become as momentous as a birth today, the marriages, jobs, and setbacks as poignant. It is not only discovering a history but also uncovering a human journey. It allows for a grand perspective and realization that we will be the birth dates, marriage dates, and death dates of a future generation. We will be the nameless faces that stare from a faded picture. And so Genealogy becomes our future. By honoring our past we teach our children to honor theirs. When we honor the struggles and triumphs of our fathers and mothers, we honor the struggles of all families at all times in all places.”
Edited by: John Brandt, For Wiley J. Morris Family
June 2007

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Brandt, Kathleen R, Edited by John A Brandt. “Wiley J. Morris Family” a3Genealogy,  June 2007,  

Kathleen R. Brandt / John A .Brandt, 2007

Edited by: Kathleen Brandt
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