Friday, February 1, 2013

President's Sale Flip-Pal Mobile Scanner

Scan Images... Anywhere... Anytime with the Flip-Pal Mobile Scanner! Buy Now

Promotion Expires 20 Feb 2013

Free Shipping on all orders of $160 or more in the continental USA! 
(Applies to standard USPS Priority Mail Service only. Does not apply to USPS Express Mail Service.)

Save $15 on the 
Flip-Pal mobile scanner + Deluxe Carry Case Bundle!
(Regular Price: $179.98, Sale Price: $164.98 + Free Shipping)

Save $20 on the Flip-Pal Mobile Scanner Rechargeable Bundle! 
This bundle includes the Flip-Pal mobile scanner, a Deluxe Flip-Pal mobile scanner Carry Case and an Eneloop AA 4 Pack with AC Charger. (Regular Price: $209.97, Sale Price: $189.97 + Free Shipping)

Save $30 on the Flip-Pal mobile scanner with Craft Edition 2.1 DVD and Deluxe Carry Case Bundle!
Regular Price: 229.98, Sale Price $199.98 + Free Shipping)

Save $40 on the Really Big Bundle. This bundle, the Genealogists Dream, includes Flip-Pal mobile scanner, a Deluxe Flip-Pal mobile scanner Carry Case, aFlip-Pal mobile scanner Sketch Kit, a Picture Keeper PK 8, an Eneloop AA 4 Pack with AC Charger, a Flip-Pal mobile scanner Cleaning Cloth and a Flip-Pal Window Protector Sheets 3-pack. (Regular Price: $288.93, Sale Price: $248.93)

New and Upgraded Products

You can now automatically backup the digital scans on your computer and put them in a safe place. Just insert the Picture Keeper into any USB port on your computer, click "Start Backup" and the Picture Keeper automatically finds and saves your pictures. That’s it! 

Flip-Pal mobile scanner with Digital Creativity Suite 3.0 DVD
This new DVD bundle comes with software that works on both PC and Mac computers. You can make professional-looking projects with Photoshop Elements 10.0, Logo Design Studio Pro and Corel Paint It!

The Sketch Kit now comes with three pens—two black and one red! You can annotate scans of their photos by adding dates, names, places and more.
The Flip-Pal is considered a flatbed scanner (in most repositories) and can be safely used with original documents. Perhaps this is why repositories that previously have not allowed scanners to be used in the past are now allowing the Flip-Pal Mobile Scanner.

Happy President's Day!
Kathleen Brandt
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