Thursday, January 31, 2013

Press Release: Genealogy and Corporations

Corporate Services to Offer
a3Genealogy has been called on for museum research for clients in Japan and Germany; documentary research for British clients; research for TV and media; and, even to research for marketing blurb for our favorite Napa Valley vineyard.

Did you know politicians, museums, banks, courts, law firms, and  TV, movies/films all use genealogists?  And it doesn't stop there.  No longer is genealogy just for family historians.  Corporations seeking genealogy services is on the rise.

Consultant, Presenter, Writer
Popular corporate services include historical and genealogy research, consultant services, corporate presentations and keynote guest speakers, as well as expansive and detailed writing projects (articles, white papers, etc).

To share relevancy to corporate clients and think tanks we embed social history and share evolution of thought, technology, and trends.  We trace family trees, aide in heir research, and connect the past with the present for many VIP clients.  As genealogists we provide historical context and consultant services to the media.

a3Genealogy clients find us mostly by word of mouth and referrals.  But we have implemented  3 client profiles:
1) Individual - family research
2) Corporate research (consultant, presenter, writer)
3) Ancestry and Academics - Genealogy in the School project

Case Study - The Will of Wellington Burt
Wellington Burt, lumber baron who died in 1919, was really a mystery until this year. Ninety-two (92) years after his death, Burt's estate was divided between his 12 living heirs.  Two of these heirs were the 6th generation - great-great-great-granddaughters.  But his will, which specified his fortune to be shared by his heirs "21 years after the death of the last grandchild born in his lifetime" according to CBS News 9 May 2011, leaves a wonderful case study of how courts, law firms, banks and heirs might be able to use a genealogist. 

Heirs often want detailed history of their ancestor. Others may benefit from an accurate account of Wellington Burt's life and that of his 6 children (and their descendants).

Genealogist and Politicians
Politicians have historically known that their past and their ancestral histories are of public interest.  Records - ship manifest, census, land,  marriage. birth/death records, and county histories await to illuminate ancestral pasts. Genealogists are often called upon to check ancestral facts. 

Migratory studies of ancestors may include the settlement of towns. This is just one key to determine migration patterns whether Norwegian, Swedish, German, etc.  

City and State Agencies
Genealogist work with city and state agencies. We know when the government proffered land grants, and we can outline when Iowa was settled by counties and when new counties were created. Using social histories we offer reasons to not only why your ancestor might have chosen Iowa,  but we can analyze counties and settlements to support their choices. Sure, we don't know what they were thinking but we can pull weather and news from early newspapers, diaries and books to determine what they persevered.

Kathleen Brandt


  1. What a wonderful summation of what your genealogical services are providing to clients today. This should be an inspiration to young genealogist seeking to choose this career. Thank you for sharing your story! ;-)

  2. Dr. Bill...Thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment. Thanks for your support.