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Genealogy Research

a3Genealogy researchers are able to draw upon years of experience in family history and genealogical research. Our research extends pass the online searches and delves into Federal, State, and local repositories. Our goal is to perform an exhaustive search to meet your objective. To learn more about a3Genealogy Services visit our website. Know that we would never "farm out" your job.
Kathleen Brandt, Genealogist 

a3Genealogy Researchers and Clients
Our researchers and clients are worldwide. They span from the Americas, Asia, Australia, and Africa. Yes…we cover the world! We have been featured on the History Channel, the popular TV show Who Do You Think You Are (NBC and TLC), and have researched for additional shows (i.e. Finding Your Roots, PBS).  We have translators for most languages.

Our researchers are of the elite class of professional genealogists around the world. Each are qualified and meet the high-standards of a3Genealogy. Many began with a3Genealogy through our "Intern" and "Mentee" programs. 

 1.      Document Retrieval and Genealogy Lookups
a3Genealogy is a premier research firm. We provide lookups of film, fiche, books, and magazines at the Family History Library (FHL) in Salt Lake City and the Midwest Genealogy Center in Independence, MO as well as Presidential Libraries and the National Archives (St. Louis and Washington, DC area) and regional archives.  For a full listing visit Document Retrieval.  As our specialized researchers are nationwide and in various international repositories, we also provide lookups in other archives

Our document retrieval specialists are professional researchers approved by a3Genealogy. All records are scanned and forwarded to you by email.  Request may be submitted by email to or at our Request and Estimate website

2.      Coaching Through Brickwalls (CTB)
More and more we find that many wish to research their own family history. And, at a3Genealogy we encourage that effort. Nothing is more exhilarating than finding your own ancestor in records, documents and collections! Our CTB program allows the researcher to hire a coach and expert in the area of your brickwall: naturalization, immigration, African American or Native American research and Veteran research or DNA analysis. You may secure services by day, month or longer period of time. For more information visit: Consulting .

3.      Military Research
a3Gen researchers work closely with archivists and historians at the National Archives (NARA) and military museums worldwide. We specialize in reconstructing veterans' files lost in the Fire of 1973. Our clients, though, turn to us not just for veteran and troop information, but for photos, ship manifests, videos and military technologies. For more information visit our Military Research page.

4.      Investigative Research
Are you looking for your WWII father and his American family? This is just one example of looking for living relatives ("reverse genealogy"). We will assists in connecting you with your living relatives. As forensic genealogist we also research and analysis data and documentation for cases with legal implications. a3Genealogy clients include attorneys, law offices, governmental agencies, corporations and individuals seeking dual citizenship. Kathleen Brandt is a Licensed Private Investigator, MO - #2012006814. Visit Forensic and Investigative Research.

5.  a3Gen Research Group
a3Genealogy  maintains an educational blog ( If you do not find your answer, just drop us an email. Your question will be answered either in a blog - so everyone can learn from it (no names used), or in a return email. This is a free service via our Research Group.  

More About Us
If you are looking for more information about a3Genealogy, here are some vital links:
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