Tuesday, March 26, 2024

All Things Clara Bow


When You Have the Coolest Clients EVER!
One of my clients in the business of restoring and sharing silent films shared one of his newest projects: "Pill Pounder" with Clara Bow.  Well, he's actually sharing it with the world. 

This previously-thought-to-be a "lost" silent film will be seen for the first time in 101 years. How do we get everything, even the stars to line up to fall into such a find?

Clara Bow's Tie to Kansas City
Read Taylor Swift’s New Album Includes the Song ‘Clara Bow,’ and Swifties Are Already Drawing ConnectionsGlamour Newsletter, 6 Feb 2024; Image Getty
Glamour Newsletter, 6 Feb 2024; Image Getty
  1. It's tie to KC.  A KC man woke up and said I'm going to Omaha to look at this parking lot filled of crates of film! March 2024 
  2. Taylor Swift: Tortured Poets Department opened our eyes to Clara Bow. Ok, many of you knew Clara Bow way before knowing Taylor Swift but I'm highlighting the KC Connection here! 
My mantra? Nothing is ever lost in the universe. Oh, and my other one: all things have historical relevance and connections. ALL!

Visit Geneastar.org for more ancestral information on Clara Bow.
Family Tree Image from Geneastar
Not vetted by the Tracing Ancestors Family: linktr.ee/hittinthebricks

More Info Needed? 

Image: Casper Star-Tribune, 7 Feb 1925, pg4, Casper, WY

Here are a few resources if you have no idea what I'm talking about : 

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